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As a self-taught photographer, I’ve learned to be thankful of the unique Northern Ontario landscape and the many photographing opportunities it provides. Growing up as a young boy in Bruce Mines, Ontario, I was given the opportunity to explore nearby forests and its treasures. These outings matured into an appreciation of wild places and the desire to share my experiences with others through my camera lens. My ultimate goal for wildlife photography is to convey to the viewer a sense of the animal's character or emotion within the image. I hope that you too may get as much enjoyment as I’ve had in taking these images.

Current Equipment:

Nikon D4

58mm f1.4 AFS

85mm f1.4 AFS

14-24mm f2.8 AFS

24-70mm f2.8 AFS

70-200mm f2.8 AFS VRII
300mm f2.8 AFS VR
600mm f2.8 AFS VRII
SB800 SB900 & SB910 Flashes
Really Right Stuff  tripods & ball heads
Wimberley WH-200 head